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Amano Major 3200

Amano Major CP3000

Product Description

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Clear, easy to read clocking that reduces disputes, aids job costing and makes monitoring easier

A favourite in factories, garages and repair shops, the robust, durable CP3000 is ideal for any high environment where you need simple job costing to assist your man-hour planning and improve reporting. Part of the only range of clocking machines to vertically print times onto clock cards, the CP3000 reduces disputes and enables easier monitoring of staff timings.

  • Assist manual job costing calculations by recording start and finish times of individual workers against specific tasks
  • Records up to 8 clockings per day and automatically shifts columns
  • 2 colour printing: standard clockings are printed black and overtime hours or high cost clockings are highlighted, for easy detection, in red ink
  • 2 relays for sounding a signal – links to external break bells
  • An internal sensor prevents overprinting, ensuring cards remain accurate and legible
  • Programme variable print formats according to your specific requirements
  • Direct replacement for the Amano Clipper

Additional features include:

  • Automatic summer & winter time changes
  • 72-hour full power reserve for up to 300 clockings
  • Clear dot matrix print
  • Automatic card feed and print
  • Quartz time base
  • Master clock connection

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