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For a few dozen. For thousands. One site. Or many. However you work, find clocking in machines, clocking systems and accessories to suit your business.

Employees are the most valuable resource your company has; however, it can also be one of the costliest if not managed effectively. Clocking in Machines can easily resolve this issue. Addtime clock card-based time recorders and clocking in machines do more than simply record time. They print automatically, switch between GMT and BST each spring and autumn, ring the bell for shifts and breaks, and highlight lateness. Self-calculating clocking in machines do more than simply record time – they calculate the time between clocking in and clocking out, so managing time and attendance, as well as managing payroll become much quicker and easier. All of our clocking in systems have been designed to help you monitor manage and control your employees easily, whilst greatly reducing payroll administration and costs.

We supply an assorted selection of clocking in systems and clocking in machines, as well as time and date stamping machines to assist you in tracking hours worked by employees or merely tracking company projects. A multitude of our clocking systems provide a battery back-up which will protect not only the clock, but the calendar and memory for up to three years- guaranteeing peace of mind when it comes to your business.

    Clocking In Machines

    Diamond KT9900

    High speed punching from this flexible, efficient, reliable clocking machine   You can clock...
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    SEIKO-QR-395 Clocking In Machine

    Seiko QR-395

    Unlimited daily punching for up to 100 employees – saving you time and money...
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    Max-ER-1600 Intelligent Clocking In Machine

    Max ER-1600

    The compact, fully automatic calculating time recorder for up to 50 employees* *150 employees...
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    Max ER-2700 Intelligent Clocking In Machines

    MAX ER-2700

    The time recorder and calculator that helps you spot trends at a glance –...
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    Clocking In Machines Needtek TM-920

    Needtek TM-920

    Simple. Fast. Low cost. Clock your people in and out of work for less...
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    Amano Clipper Clocking In Machines

    Amano Clipper (Refurb)

    Heavy duty automatic time recording for the toughest work environments With its large analogue...
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    Amano Major 3200 Clocking In Machine

    Amano Major CP3200

    Clear, easy to read clocking from the time recorder that reduces disputes, aids job...
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    Amano Major 3200 Clocking In Machine

    Amano Major CP3000

    Clear, easy to read clocking that reduces disputes, aids job costing and makes monitoring...
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    SEIKO TP-20 Clocking In Machines

    Seiko TP-20

    The most advanced Time/Date Numbering Printer TP-20 has arrived. The new TP-20 made another...
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    Needtek TS350

    Probably the finest Job coster Recorder on the market, it’s heavy duty movement comes...
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Clock Cards

Keep your people punching and your business ticking is it time to top up your stock of clock cards?

time and attendance